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Girls Night In

Your man gone fishing? Cry me a river. A fishing widow tells all.
The Drake 
June 2014

Afterbirth, It’s What’s for Dinner

Orion Magazine
April 2010

The Pent-up Pup

Orion Magazine
February 2010

Book review of Meat: A Love Story

Orion Magazine
November 2008

Seasoned in the Sun

One mother’s tips for managing summer eco-dilemmas
June 2008

Play Lady Play

Can a crusade against crap toys ever succeed?
September 2007

Bigger Fish to Fry

Orion Magazine
April 2007

The Greenest Noodle

Orion Magazine
February 2007

Where the Wild Things Are Painted

Walton Ford brings testosterone to nature painting
Grist Magazine
September 2006

The Sexiest Guys on Earth

Why going gaga for your local farmer is good for everybody
Whole Life Times
August 2006

Summertime and the Eating is Local

Two months on a supermarket-free diet
Plenty Magazine
June 2006

Don’t Make Me Get Up!

Moms, Guilt and Climate Catastrophe
Orion Online
June 2006

Apocalypse How

Don’t let catastrophic visions get you down…well, not all of them.
Grist Magazine
January 2006

New England Dam Chowder

October floods moved PCBs on the Housatonic River
November 2005
Northern Sky News
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Play Date with Death

Cemeteries offer car-free sanctuary for the living
Northern Sky News
October 2005
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Night of the Green Bunny

The mountains of New England are filled with wild, mysterious things
Mountain Gazette
July 2005

So Long and Thanks for All the Ticks

Northern Sky News
May 2005
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Queer Eye For the Green Guy

Do clothes really make the activist?
Grist Magazine
March 2005

The Brookie on the Back Deck

Would you eat the trout who came to dinner?
Northern Sky News
January 2005
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Have You Met Your Farmer and Can His Turkeys Dance?

November 2004
Northern Sky News
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The ‘Other’ Florida

Clues to a secret (and thoroughly relaxing) destination
The Aspen Times
August 2004

My House, My Idiot Self

What Frances Mayes did, and didn’t, teach me about old houses
The Aspen Times
January 2004